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Lands & Housing

The goals and objectives of the KSN Housing and community public works are twofold: to ensure the efficient, equitable and innovative maintenance and development of the community infrastructure, and to be respectful of the traditions and cultures of Kinistin Saulteaux Nation. KNS Housing looks for the balance between the ways of the past and the ways of the newcomers. It is in our best interests to ensure the Kinistin Saulteaux Nation is a safe and healthy place to be for community members, employees, the traveling public and other invited guests.

Since the signing of the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land management, there have been more First Nations that have become operational under the First Nations Land Management Framework agreement, including Kinistin.

The Land Code, drafted and ratified by the community, is the basic land law of Kinistin and replaces the land management provisions of the Indian Act. The Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development is no longer involved in the management of the First Nation’s reserve lands. The Land Code does not have to be approved by the Minister.

The lands management program includes governance/regulations; environmental management; operational design, redesign and maintenance; relationship building; natural resources management; land use planning; negotiations; administration of transactions; financial management; monitoring, compliance and inspections; capacity building; and support services.

The Land Code provides for the following matters:

Identifies the reserve lands to be managed by Kinistin;
Sets out the general rules and procedures for the use and occupation of these lands by First Nation members and others;
Provides financial accountability for revenues from the lands (except oil and gas revenues, which continue under federal law);
Provides the procedures for making and publishing First Nation land laws;
Provides conflict of interest rules;
Provides a community process to develop rules and procedures applicable to land on the breakdown of a marriage;
Identifies a dispute resolution process;
Sets out procedures by which the First Nation can grant interests in land or acquire lands for community purposes;
Allows the delegation of land management responsibilities;
Sets out the procedure for amending the Land Code.

News from the Lands Department

The Lands Department is looking for volunteer members for a working group for both the urban and reserve so that we could create a draft constitution for Kinistin Saulteaux Nation. The constitution is a community document that each member should have there input on. So feel free to contact Cecil Thomas at the Band Office to join one of the working groups. This is a vital document that should be developed for future use.

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