The Kinistin Saulteaux Nation Housing and Community Works Committee

Is the advisory and recommendation committee to the Chief and Council, regarding all housing needs for on reserve membership. KSNHACWC in partnership with the Council is committed to promoting a community in which band members live in safety with access to proper housing and adequate services. KSNHACWC acknowledges that it is important for band members to be housed safely and reasonably if the goals or outcomes of the housing policies are to be achieved. Currently, 105 residential homes are being maintained, and KSNHACWC continues to address the current long-term housing needs and goals for band membership.

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The KSN Housing and Community Works Committee work in partnership with residents, where appropriate and necessary, to ensure access to affordable, adequate, and suitable housing that meets inspection and safety requirements, structural standards, fire standards, and health and safety standards. Goals:
  • Ensure a sufficient supply of housing to address the housing needs of KSN residents.
  • Provide housing programs and services that are effective.
  • Acquire housing for program delivery through appropriate designs, land planning, and acquisition, and construction standards.
  • Enhance the long-term sustainability of KSN housing assets through promoting personal responsibility and accountability for housing with maintenance, repairs, and implementing energy efficiency technologies.
See the housing policy here.
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The Rental Housing Policy