Our Vision and Mission Statement:


Striving to create wholistic lifelong learners, who understand Nakawe Culture and value our Language, Teachings, and Traditions.


Nibwakawigamig recognizes our inherent and sovereign rights to Treaty Education. Education staff will honour Nakawe Culture, teachings, language, and traditions of Kinistin Saulteaux Nation. Our goal is to in-still cultural pride, identity, and respect to ensure our students become lifelong learners in a supportive and caring educational environment.

The range of services and programs offered are Nursery/kindergarten, elementary, upgrading of basic skills, supports for youth at risk, and vocational training. As well the the postsecondary education program is a vital service that is supported by the mandate of the Education Program. Kinistin Saulteaux Nation is also committed to promoting traditional forms of education and learning as equal alternatives to current methods.