ELCC – Early Learning Child Care

Support children in making a positive transition from home to child care or preschool to School, committed to support children and their families with quality, licences play based early learning and child care programs for our children 6 months to school aged with in our community

Saulteaux( Nakawe) Language

Implementing the Saulteaux (Nakawe) Language within the Daycare and Headstart Program, for both families and Early Childhood Educators.Saulteaux( Nakawe) language teachings involve, counting from 1 to 10, simple commands e.g., eat, sit, and come here, Saulteaux word posted within the daycare such as greeting, calendar, days of the week and word board.

Safe Talk

Safe Talk with in our program is learning, our space is our space, meaning when the child has his/her arms stretched out, making a circle with those arms stretched out, that space is his/her space and their space alone.  Our hands are for Helping, meaning our hands are for helping not for hitting or fighting. No Touching, meaning we keep our hands to our selves unless we are helping with permission.