Kindergarten – Gr. 8 (on-reserve)

Nibwakawigamig Kinistin Education Centre (KEC) is located in the heart of Kinistin Saulteaux Nation. Nibwakawigamig Centre not only offers Nursery to grade 8, but is a hub for many community based educational activites. Kinistin Saulteaux Nation is committed to ensuring that it’s citizens receive equal access to educational opportunities and outcomes in accordance with the mandate of the ……   A further goal is to offer a rich cultural environment that nourishes the minds of its children. We offer our community a safe environment that builds on the environment of inclusive education that strives on achieving our goals of literacy and numeracy.

Programs include: Nakawe language instruction, Balanced Literacy,  and Animated Literacy, Land based education

Special events include: School in the Bush, Language Festival, School Feast,  and Christmas Concerts.

A Nutrition program provides breakfast, morning snack and lunch to students on a daily basis.

Stop in, have a coffee, take a tour. We welcome visitors and volunteers!!!